Service Rates

Our current pricing for access to Sauna including jacuzzi and party area.

The rates of access to the sauna and jacuzzi area have been studied carefully, to offer you the best value for money.Please check the summarized information below about sauna access rates.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions and to come and savour the generosity and conviviality of the Best Sauna.

Access rates to the Sauna and jacuzzi Area

Best rates for any accommodation Sauna and Jacuzzi with Party Area.

Best Sauna Ltd. Private Hire Rates

Mon - Thu
Fri - Sun
3 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
4 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
5 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
£150 £185
6 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
£175 £210
7 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
£200 £240
8 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
£220 £265
9 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
£240 £290
10 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
£260 £315
11 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
£280 £340
12 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
£300 £360
24 Hours Group Pass
(Sauna + Jacuzzi)
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What's Included:

*Booking is required 2-3 hours prior to check-in so we have enough time to prepare for it.

*Minimum requirement for Jacuzzi - 3 Hours

*Every additional hours - £35

*All on-site payments can be made by cash and bank desposit.

*The Party area can only be rented upon customer request.Bank deposit is required for security of premise purpose.

*Rates may be changed at any time without further notice.

Conditions of access to the Sauna area

For the well-being, hygiene and safety of all our guests.

For your hygiene, your safety and your well-being, access to the wellness area requires the respect of some rules:

  • Shower first before going to sauna and jacuzzi area.
  • Plan to bring personal bath towels, those of your room are not allowed. However, in case of an oversight, towels can be rented on site.
  • For obvious hygiene reasons, people with skin diseases or wounds are not allowed to access the sauna and jacuzzi area.
  • The wellness area is prohibited for children under 12 years old. The presence of a parent is mandatory.
  • Pets are not allowed in the grounds of the sauna area.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, eat or heckle in the grounds of the sauna area.
  • The Best Sauna declines all responsibility in case of non-compliance with these rules and reserves the right to exclude any contravener from these rules.