Terms & Conditions

We want everyone to have a relaxing and enjoyable time. In order for us to maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we ask that you follow the rules and guidelines below.


•You may call Best Sauna Limited anytime during normal business hours to schedule an appointment, or book an appointment online at https://www.facebook.com/bestsaunanewark/appointments/
• Booking is required 2-3 hours prior to check-in so we have enough time to prepare for it.
• Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to ensure a sauna session.
• We require a 20% deposit to secure your booking and the rest of the payment may be made on the day you arrive.
• Failure to pay the 20% reservation fee in 24 hours booking will be cancelled immediately.


•If you cancel your booking before 48 hours of the actual session, we will return your 20% payment in full.
• 20% payment is not refundable if you cancel less than 48 hours of the actual Sauna session.
• Same day cancellations or a “no show” for your scheduled appointment will result in a full price charge for that visit.
• You may be able to reschedule your appointment for the same day with no charge as long as an appointment is available on the same day. However,
if an appointment is not available to reschedule on the same day, it is considered a cancellation of your appointment and will result in a full
price charge for that visit.
• Please notify Best Sauna Limited if you plan to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You can call us at +447721421424 or email: info@newarksauna.co.uk
• A major credit card is required to book your reservation. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, you must provide a minimum of 24-hours'
notice to avoid being charged the full price of your missed treatments.


Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so you can decompress and make full use of the sauna facilities.


For your convenience, lockers are available to store your personal belongings. However, we suggest you leave your valuables at home. Best Sauna Limited will
not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


Best Sauna Limited reserves the right to modify, discontinue or change services and prices without notice to ensure that maximum standards of service and
quality are being met.


Guests with medical conditions are advised to consult their doctors prior to booking any sauna services. Kindly inform our sauna staff of any existing medical


Please do not make an appointment if you are actively ill with a communicable illness. While sauna may be excellent preventative medicine, please wait until you
are well to visit the sauna.


Supervise the kids. Saunas are a place where accidents can happen easily like burns, slips, and falls. Parents need to teach children these hazards and accompany them till they show responsibility and respect for the rules, usually around 10. They’ll learn through your example, the best way kids learn. Besides saunas together makes for quality family time.

How old are your kids? Generally, kids under 8 years of age can’t regulate heat as efficiently, so precautions are needed to be totally safe in the sauna. Limit the heat exposure by sitting on lower level benches and limiting steam to minimal. Give them plenty of cool water in a basin that they can play with or sit in and splash themselves to cool off as needed.

Not too long now. Again, the heat regulation centers of the body aren’t as developed in young kids, so children should spend less time in the sauna than you. Limit their time exposure by age, 3-5 minutes for under 3 years, up to 15 minutes till they are in their mid-teens. Older kids may want leave the sauna to cool with a shower or plunge (basin, kiddie pool, lake – supervised of course) and repeat the sauna cycle again. How do parents get to enjoy the sauna with such short durations for the kids?  Parents of younger families could stagger their entry; the earlier parent enters alone, followed by other parent with the kids 15-20 minutes later. The first parent showers themselves first, and then showers, dries, and dresses the youngest child. The older kids play with water in basins on lower sauna bench or cool off in shower area while waiting for the other parent who will then shower them and send off to the first parent for drying and dressing. The last parent can then enjoy another round of sauna to relax before showering off while kids enjoy a snack.